Strategic Plan 2020-2023


To be universally recognised as the peak industry association representing the interests of Australian franchised new car Dealers, delivering world class advocacy, policy and stakeholder engagement.



The AADA will structure itself such that it is able to advocate exclusively on behalf of franchised new car Dealers. It will establish and maintain channels of communication with members across all states and territories through which it will communicate on matters of strategy and policy pertaining to Dealer welfare. The AADA will principally take direction from the AADA Board and the Australian Motor Dealer Council, both bodies that it is responsible for convening at regular intervals. The AADA will work with members and the AADA Board to ensure that it remains financially secure and appropriately resourced to fulfil its mandate.



1 Reshaping relations between OEMs and Dealers The AADA’s number one priority is to level the playing field between OEMs and Dealers. The focus will be on achieving better regulatory protections for Dealers and holding OEMs accountable for their treatment of Dealers.
2 Pursuing Optimal Regulatory Environment The AADA will seek to shape Federal Government policy and regulations in the best interest of Dealers.
3 Promote benefits of New Car Dealers The AADA will speak up for the integrity of new car Dealers and articulate economic and social benefits which new car Dealers to Australia.
4 Provide thought leadership for the Industry The AADA will take a leadership role in addressing the many questions about the future of automotive retail industry.




Member Engagement The AADA will principally take direction from the AADA Board and seek input from the Australian Motor Dealer Council and other members
Research The AADA will conduct and commission credible research to inform its advocacy priorities.
Stakeholder Relations The AADA will develop and maintain relationships with Elected Officials from all sides of the political divide, Regulators, Government Departments, other Industry Bodies, the Media and likeminded international bodies.
Communications The AADA strives to develop world class internal and
external communications.

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