Strong Supply of EVs Available for Australian Consumers

The Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) is encouraging consumers to take advantage of the ready supply of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) available in showrooms.

Dealerships across Australia have indicated that wait times for buyers hoping to get their hands on an EV have been slashed in recent months. Many variants are available and in stock now, and for some brands there is as little as a one month wait time for new orders placed today.

“There is no shortage of EVs available for purchase here in Australia. In many instances customers can walk into a dealership and drive out in a new EV in a matter of days,” said AADA CEO Mr James Voortman.

“In particular, EVs at the more affordable end of the spectrum have strong levels of supply which is good news for customers looking to make the transition to a BEV,” he said.

“It’s really important that we stop talking down the supply of EVs in Australia because they are available for customers to purchase and take delivery soon. We have canvassed Dealers across the country and checked delivery timeframes for online distributors. The supply situation for EVs is very healthy,” Mr Voortman said.

“We know there have been reports in the media recently of long wait times for customers who are looking to purchase a BEV, however, customers can be rest assured that there is plenty of stock and while there are some variants that continue to have extended wait times, supply issues are being resolved quickly, allowing customers to get into their new EV sooner,” he said.

“Customers should take note of the various state government EV purchase incentives, including in NSW where buyers can access EV stamp duty exemptions and rebates for contracts to purchase completed before 1 January 2024,” he said.

“Supply of some popular ICE and hybrid vehicles remains an issue, but the situation is improving,” said Mr Voortman.

Dealers are continuing to work with their manufacturers to deliver vehicles to customers as soon as possible and the AADA encourages any customers looking to purchase an EV to reach out to their local franchised new car Dealers.