Dealers Welcome Consultation On National Electric Vehicle Strategy

The peak body representing new car Dealers welcomes the announcement by the Federal Government that it will consult on the establishment of a national electric vehicle strategy.

“The AADA looks forward to contributing to the consultation process on behalf of Australia’s more than 3,100 new car Dealerships and their 59,000 employees,” said AADA CEO James Voortman.

“New car Dealers support action on lowering vehicle emissions, and consultation with industry is an encouraging sign that Australia will have a fit for purpose, nationally led, electric vehicle strategy,” he said.

“As zero and low emissions vehicles (ZLEV) become more prevalent, new car Dealers will play an important role in supplying those vehicles to the market. They will also play an important role in demonstrating ZLEV cars to their customers and educating them on issues such as range, charging and performance,” said Mr Voortman.

“It is incredibly important that the thousands of small and family automotive businesses which employ people, train people, invest in our economy and provide Australians with transport play a major part in the development of this strategy,” said Mr Voortman.

“While the automotive industry can agree that a vehicle emissions standard is an important step forward, the devil is in the detail and we should be guided by a sensible evidenced-based approach, taking into account Australia’s unique features,” he said.

“A vehicle emissions standard will accelerate the emergence of ZLEVs, bringing many opportunities for business and benefits to the community, but in the US and Europe such standards have been complemented by generous financial incentives and industry have been given an appropriate timeframe to adjust,” said Mr Voortman.

“Australia is a very small right-hand drive vehicle market in global terms, and it is situated at the end of a long and complex supply chain. Australia’s vehicle emissions standard needs to be realistic, achievable, and should not unduly punish consumers or motorists who cannot afford the transition,” he said.

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