AADA24: Driving Forward Together

The Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) is pleased to announce the 2024 AADA Convention & Expo details. This important industry event will be hosted at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC), located in the heart of Melbourne, on July 24-25, 2024.

The 2024 Convention & Expo theme, ‘Driving Forward Together’, will spotlight the emerging challenges and opportunities within the dynamic online commercial landscape and the regulatory challenges around vehicle emissions. The AADA program will also focus on the impending transformative shifts in the franchised new car dealership sector and their pivotal role in car distribution. The 2024 AADA Convention & Expo program promises to tackle these evolving dynamics and provide our attendees with thought-provoking discussions and practical solutions to navigate this changing terrain.

“We are really looking forward to the AADA Convention & Expo returning to Melbourne for the first time since the pandemic. Our industry is facing many challenges, so we will be developing a program which assists Dealers to do what they do best, which is turning challenges into opportunities,” said James Voortman, AADA CEO.

“Marking this industry event in your calendar is crucial. The 2024 AADA Convention & Expo is brimming with potential. We are optimistic that this event will act as a significant platform for industry leaders and stakeholders to assemble, engage in meaningful discussions, and collectively navigate the future trajectory of our industry,” said Patrick Tessier OAM, Convention Director.

For more updates on the 2024 AADA Convention & Expo, we invite you to visit our website: https://aadaconvention.com.au/.


For further information please contact:

Patrick Tessier OAM
Convention Director
E: patrick@aadaconvention.com.au
M: +61 412 685 857