1st November, 2018 · Vehicle Technology Policy

Vehicle Emissions

AADA Position

The AADA supports action on vehicle CO2 emissions and noxious emissions standards, but urges the Government to proceed in a way that does not constrain vehicle choice or push up car prices.


Dealers would like to sell state of the art vehicles to their customers, but modern-day clean engines require lower sulphur fuel, so it is important that the Government brings Australia’s fuel quality standards in line with the rest of the world.

The AADA also supports a CO2 vehicle standard but would urge the Government to work with the industry to implement a system which is fit for purpose for Australia. Australia is starting some way back from the rest of the world and a CO2 standard should not go too far too fast and increase the costs of new vehicles as this may have the effect of motorists holding onto older higher emitting cars for longer.