5th November, 2020 · News

Window Tinting Information for Victoria

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The Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ)  have provided us with a fact sheet explaining VLT (visible light transmission) regulations for window tints in Victoria. The fact sheet covers frequently asked questions and can help Dealers to clearly explain i.e. VLT limits, windscreens, privacy glass and reflectance to customers. The fact sheet can be downloaded below and more info is available on the VIC Roads website.

Regulations for for window tints can be quite confusing as they differ from state to state. “In July 2018 the Victorian Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009 included a revision of the visible light transmission (VLT) allowance for Victorian light vehicles. Providing a compliant rear vision mirror is fitted to both sides of the vehicle, tinters can apply aftermarket film to the rear windows and back window to achieve 20% VLT.  This amendment aligns with model law maintained by the National Transport Commission. This only affects windows behind the driver, the VLT limit of the two front wind up windows remains at 35% VLT. Since this revision, all Australian States and Territories now have the same VLT regulations except the Northern Territory, which allows 15% VLT on rear windows,” explains Ally Cronan, President of the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ).