5th October, 2022 · Industry News

Vale Ken Parker

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Prominent member of the Warrnambool community and former car Dealer, Ken Parker sadly passed away late last month. Mr Parker’s family ran GM and Holden Dealerships across regional Victoria from 1927 to 2008, as well as other brands throughout that time. Ken joined the family business straight out of school in 1955, and took over running the Dealerships from 1974. Ken was an active voice for Dealers and strong on the issue of Dealer Agreements, beginning his advocacy work after an issue with an OEM in the 1980’s.

Mr Parker served as a councillor in Warrnambool for almost 10 years and as mayor in 1986. Both Mr Parker and his wife, Glenda, were active, passionate, and much-loved members of their community. Mrs Parker sadly passed away just 10 days prior to her husband. Our thoughts go out to their family and friends.


Photo credit: The Standard