4th October, 2019 · Member News

Updates to AADA DealerNomics website

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The AADA have updated DealerNomics to include the revised federal electoral boundaries and the newly elected members of the 46th Parliament. The AADA has also increased the accuracy of the data by geo-coding each dealership in Australia to the electorate, as the basis for all of the economic contributions. Further, each dealership has been weighted based on the market share for the franchise/s they represent. This allows franchised new car Dealers to display the vital economic contributions made by their businesses to individual federal electorates and associated communities.

New car Dealers turnover almost $60 billion worth of sales, they collect billions in government duties and charges and employ more than 58,000 people in electorates across Australia.

We encourage members to pay their local Member and/or Senator a visit and demonstrate to them through DealerNomics, the important contribution which car Dealers make in their electorate.