6th July, 2022 · News

Queensland Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate

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In March 2022 the Queensland Government released Queensland’s Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy 2022-2032. As part of this strategy, since 1 July 2022, $3,000 rebates are available for eligible QLD individuals and businesses who purchase a new ZEV. The QLD Government committed $45 million to the rebate scheme, and it is intended to make purchasing entry level ZEVs more affordable.

The rebate applies to owners of new ZEVs purchased in Queensland from a relevant licensed motor vehicle Dealer, and registered with the Department of Transport of Main Roads on or after 16 March 2022.

As at the introduction of this Scheme, a ZEV refers to a full battery electric vehicle (BEV) only. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), second hand vehicles, and Dealer/demonstrator models are not eligible.

The ZEV Rebate Scheme is limited to:

  • one rebate per individual
  • up to five rebates per QLD Businesses per financial year
  • Vehicles with a purchase price below $58,000 (inc. GST)

From Friday 1 July 2022 for 3 years, the rebate is available to battery electric passenger and light commercial vehicles only. Rebates will only be available until the allocation is exhausted.