8th September, 2019 · Member News

FADA Auto Retail Conclave

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AADA CEO James Voortman and AADA convention Director Patrick Tessier attended the FADA (Federation of Automobile Dealers Association) Auto Retail Conclave this week in New Dehli, India. At the request of FADA Mr Voortman outlined in his Keynote Address the importance of an Automotive Code of Conduct and the strength of effective advocacy to Government for Dealers.

“Mr Voortman’s address was a highlight of the second Annual Auto Retail Conclave adding an international perspective on Dealer relations and gave an insight to the work we need to do in the future,” Mr Nikunj Sanghi, past President of FADA, said.

Mr Tessier participated in an Industry Panel on the digital transformation of the Indian automotive market.

“In a market that sells 3 million vehicles a year India will be at the forefront of a modern growing automotive marketplace that will rely heavily on an online environment for its future,” Mr Tessier said.

In a market that is full of exciting opportunity and many challenges AADA was pleased to be a part of the FADA Auto Retail Conclave and looks forward to furthering our international relationship with FADA.