6th September, 2021 · News

Electric Vehicle Incentives per State

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Governments around the world are subsidising electric vehicles or offering incentives to attract more electric vehicle (EV) buyers. Many car Manufacturers have already committed to switch to electric vehicles only in the next decades.

In Australia, electric vehicles are slowly gaining in popularity with 8,688 electric vehicles sold in the first half of 2021. In Australia, State Governments are taking the lead in encouraging the electric vehicle uptake. Most states offer concessions or exemptions on stamp duty and registrations, while some impose a tax to offset the loss of the fuel tax that goes to road maintenance.

The Electric Vehicle Council recently released its “State of Electric Vehicles report” which includes a scorecard which rates each state based on its holistic policy environment for electric vehicles and the development of policy actions over the last twelve months.

The AADA has put together the below visual guide to help you understand what incentives your State Government is offering for drivers to take up EVs.