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27th July, 2015 · Workplace Relations Accessing international automotive workers: levelling the playing field
Many automotive dealerships make extensive use of international workers to address the long-term trade skill shortages in their service departments. Typically on ‘457 visas,’ these workers bring much needed skills in mechanical repair, auto-electrical work,...
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27th July, 2015 · Workplace Relations Employing Staff Casually Vs Part-Time
Here are the basics you need to consider when deciding between casual or part-time staff When you require an employee for less than 38 hours per week, you have a choice as to how to...
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27th July, 2015 · Workplace Relations What are the rules governing sick leave and carer’s leave?
The National Employment Standards (NES) contain provisions governing sick leave (now called personal leave) and carer’s leave. All permanent employees, including part-timers, but excluding casuals, accrue personal leave at the rate of 1/26th of the...
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27th July, 2015 · Workplace Relations ‘Dad And Partner Pay’ – What Is It And How Does It Work?
Dad and Partner Pay is a Federal Government funded program which is an extension to the Paid Parental Leave scheme. It became available to eligible working dads or partners (including adopting parents and same-sex partners)...
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25th May, 2015 · Workplace Relations Dealers Take Note: General Protections Claims Involving A Dismissal Can Be Costly
The Fair Work Act has provisions dealing with unfair dismissals and what are known as ‘general protections’. A breach of a general protection occurs when an employee is treated less favourably or dismissed because they...
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25th May, 2015 · Workplace Relations Member Benefits
AADA Dealer members can now access Industrial Relations and Workplace Health and Safety services at an exclusive rate. Industrial relations, that is, the management of obligations and entitlements between employers and employees is an incredibly...
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