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23rd February, 2017 · Workplace Relations Public holidays
With a slew of public holidays just over the horizon, employers should be mindful of the requirements of the modern awards and the Fair Work Act. All employees who would normally work on a given...
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23rd December, 2016 · Workplace Relations Christmas parties – your duty of care
The festive season is nearly here again and no doubt many members are looking forward to celebrating with their employees. Work Christmas functions are good for morale, a nice way to say thanks for the...
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23rd December, 2016 · Workplace Relations Fair work commission annual report
The Fair Work Commission has published its Annual Report for the 2015-16 Financial Year. While the report covers all aspects of the work the Commission carries out, there are some sections that will be of...
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19th October, 2016 · Workplace Relations The hardest call any leader must make
The hardest call to be made in leadership is to hire, promote and attract people who have the right character but don’t yet have the necessary skills. My philosophy in this area is simple: If...
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19th October, 2016 · Workplace Relations Employment termination: know your rights and responsibilities
Industrial Relations is a complicated area and a potential minefield for employers. Here are a couple of areas in which you need to be informed in order to protect your interests. Abandonment of employment It...
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4th August, 2016 · Workplace Relations Salary sacrifice into a superannuation fund
In a decision of Fair Work Australia, Vice President Lawler confirmed that employees are able to set up a salary sacrifice arrangement that takes their net pay below the award rate.  (Casey Grammar School v...
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