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19th October, 2016 · Technology Connectivity is the new black – survey
As those who attended the AADA National Dealer Convention would be aware, connectivity and digitalisation have become the biggest drivers of the retail automotive business. This was confirmed by a recent global survey predicting that...
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4th August, 2016 · Technology Cadillac joins virtual showroom movement
Following the lead of Tesla, Cadillac Dealers in the United States are being asked to consider establishing ‘virtual’ showrooms. With rapid improvements in virtual reality technology, prospective car buyers will be able to ‘test drive’...
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4th August, 2016 · Technology Audi takes on Tesla
Audi has, with the announcement it will release three models by 2020, signalled its intention to take on Tesla in the electric vehicle market. It will also form a new subsidiary to develop autonomous cars....
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4th August, 2016 · Technology Samsung bets on electric cars
The Yuan is BYD’s latest plug-in hybrid mini SUV. Samsung Electronics says it will acquire a stake in BYD through the Chinese electric vehicle and battery maker’s ongoing US$2.3 billion (A$3bn) share sale, as the...
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4th August, 2016 · Technology Tesla’s fatal autopilot crash
The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has begun a preliminary investigation into 25,000 Tesla Motors Model S cars after a fatal crash involving a vehicle using the ‘Autopilot’ mode. The agency said the crash...
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2nd June, 2016 · Technology Honda to release clarity later this year
For years we have heard that hydrogen fuel cells were the clean energy engines of the future, converting hydrogen gas into electricity, with heat and water the only by-products. That future comes a step closer...
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