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2nd August, 2017 · Technology Ai breakthrough for autonomous cars
A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing platform promises to be the breakthrough that will make autonomous vehicles affordable and practical without prohibitive infrastructure investment by governments. American technology company, Nvidia, has developed an open AI...
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16th May, 2017 · Technology The inevitable rise of artificial intelligence
More than most industries the automotive industry is at the front line of the technological revolution that will see artificial intelligence (AI) and automation completely alter the way we live, move and do business. A...
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16th May, 2017 · Technology Vending machine’ car retailer to go public
A US used car retailer that allows customers to buy cars online and pick them up from towers resembling giant vending machines has, according to reports, approached investment banks for an initial public offering. The...
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16th May, 2017 · Technology UK’s EV uptake outstrips charging infrastructure
The United Kingdom’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure is struggling to keep pace with the public’s increased uptake of electric vehicles (EVs). According to data obtained from charge point database Zap-Map by UK online publication Auto...
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16th May, 2017 · Technology Tesla to target ute market
Tesla founder Elon Musk’s plan to diversify his electric vehicle stable beyond luxury vehicles to utes is gathering interest among Australian tradespeople. The Toyota Hilux was Australia’s biggest-selling car in 2016 while, in the US,...
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16th May, 2017 · Technology Open source for autonomous car
Educational tech company, Udacity, whose plans for a self-driving car concept we detailed last edition, promised to open source the complete design. To that end the company has released its self-driving car simulator via open...
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