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3rd March, 2015 · Technology Tesla’s Electric Shock
Newcomer Tesla has arrived on Australian shores with a retail model that does away with the Dealer. No matter what your position is on electric cars, it’s hard not to watch American electric vehicle maker...
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3rd March, 2015 · Technology How’s Your Digital Showroom?
Your digital showroom is so much more than your online inventory alone – it’s everything you do online, and it’s where sales are being won and lost. More than 97% of consumers start their car...
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9th September, 2014 · Technology Toyota Installs Largest Solar Power System in Victoria
A great change has occurred at Toyota Motor Corporation Australia’s manufacturing plant in Melbourne. Officially launched in early June, 2000 solar panels, designed and installed by Autonomous Energy, now cover the roof of Toyota’s Powertrain...
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30th June, 2014 · Showroom New Models Landing Soon
The next few months will bring much excitement for Dealers and buyers alike with a raft of fresh makes and models on the horizon. Dealers and consumers have plenty of reasons to look forward to...
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