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16th May, 2017 · Technology Vending machine’ car retailer to go public
A US used car retailer that allows customers to buy cars online and pick them up from towers resembling giant vending machines has, according to reports, approached investment banks for an initial public offering. The...
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16th May, 2017 · Technology Tesla to target ute market
Tesla founder Elon Musk’s plan to diversify his electric vehicle stable beyond luxury vehicles to utes is gathering interest among Australian tradespeople. The Toyota Hilux was Australia’s biggest-selling car in 2016 while, in the US,...
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4th August, 2016 · Technology Cadillac joins virtual showroom movement
Following the lead of Tesla, Cadillac Dealers in the United States are being asked to consider establishing ‘virtual’ showrooms. With rapid improvements in virtual reality technology, prospective car buyers will be able to ‘test drive’...
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22nd September, 2015 · Technology How Solar Is Powering Dealers To Better Profits
Installing solar panels is proving a smart business decision for a growing number of Dealers seeking to cut their running costs There are few countries as well suited to solar power as Australia. Indeed, our...
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27th July, 2015 · Technology How Bright is the Future for Electric Cars?
There’s been a lot of discussion about electric vehicles (EVs) and it often seems to be focused on the negative; range anxiety, slow sales growth, battery reliability and the overzealous predictions of its future by...
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25th May, 2015 · Showroom Honda Rewards Its Greenest Dealers
US Honda and Acura dealerships enrolled in the company’s ‘Green Dealer’ program are reaping amazing rewards – but there’s good news for Australian businesses too. Almost 300 Honda and Acura dealerships in the US are...
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