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23rd February, 2017 · Sales Sales managers
As a sales manager, your job is always full on. Being pulled this way and that, advertising, reports, managing stock, meeting customers, hiring new staff members, etc. When I was managing car dealerships a few...
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23rd February, 2017 · Sales New record year for sales
For the third time in the past four years, in 2016 Australians bought a record number of new cars, with sales of passenger cars, SUVs and light commercials for the year reaching almost 1.2 million....
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23rd February, 2017 · Sales Light commercial sales up in UK too
As with the Australian market, the UK experienced growth in sales of light commercial vehicles in 2016, setting a new record for sales in the segment. The new mark of 375,687 sales was a one...
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23rd February, 2017 · Technology Electric and hybrid sales collapse
Sales of electric and hybrid cars in Australia took a tumble in 2016, with sales of electric vehicles falling a whopping 69 per cent from the previous year. Hybrid vehicle sales also fell, down four...
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23rd December, 2016 · Sales Australian car industry is a major player
Australians pride themselves on our nation’s ability to punch above its weight on the world sporting stage. We do the same when it comes to car sales, yet it’s not celebrated or even supported. Why...
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23rd December, 2016 · Sales Summer opportunities
Summer is here and the warmer weather presents Dealers with opportunities. Did you know that when potential buyers feel comfortably warm, they tend to be more interested and want to buy products they see? Studies...
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