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9th September, 2014 · Profile A reward that keeps Ken Morgan 76 years young
In 1989 the Burdekin Report was published by the then Federal Human Rights Commissioner Brian Burdekin, shocking the Australian public by revealing the number of young people who were homeless and the appalling lifestyle they...
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30th June, 2014 · Profile ‘I’ve always been a bit of a wheeler-dealer and enjoy doing it.’
WARREN VON BIBRA REFLECTS ON A COLOURFUL CAREER With 10 new car franchises and an extensive used car operation, Warren Von Bibra is one of the biggest operators on the Gold Coast. In 1998, Warren...
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26th May, 2014 · Profile Frank Romano Profile
When you’re green you’re growing, when you’re ripe you’re rotten. Frank Romano is a Certified Master Facilitator and creator of the Precision Selling Program for sales professionals and Quality Conversations Program for customer centre agents....
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26th May, 2014 · Profile ‘Does Any Active Person Really Retire?’ Prominent Retail Auto Industry Figure Michael Tynan Reflects on His Incredible Career
On the eve of his retirement from running one of Australia’s biggest family-owned and operated dealerships, Michael Tynan still has strong views on the state of the Australian retail auto industry and its future. When...
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13th March, 2014 · Profile John Crennan – Back in the Driver’s Seat
John Crennan is an Australian auto industry legend who left ‘the love of his life General Motors’ after a long and distinguished career to launch and successfully run Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) and the Holden...
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