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22nd September, 2015 · Profile “Ours is a Values-Driven Business” says Mark Woelders, Motorama Dealer Principal
People, process and technology’ are the three pillars that empower this Queensland Dealer Principal and his senior leadership team to achieve Motorama’s inspiring vision of ‘Customers for Life’. Who initiated the Motorama Values? They started...
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27th July, 2015 · Profile “I’m a Gypsy,” says Noel Gould, Owner, Swan Hill Automotive Group
Having owned numerous dealerships in Melbourne and regional Victoria during his long and successful career as an auto dealer it is easy to see why Noel’s profile is up there with some of the biggest...
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25th May, 2015 · Profile ‘Moving to Swan Hill Was The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made’. PROFILE – Seb Parseghian, Dealer Principal at Swan Hill Toyota
Sebastian ‘Seb’ Parseghian is the Dealer Principal at Swan Hill Toyota and Kerang Toyota. Eight years ago he moved from a high profile role at one of Melbourne’s largest used car operations to take over...
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3rd March, 2015 · Profile The Community And The Dealer
Every year automotive Dealers collectively contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to their local communities – a generosity that goes largely unnoticed. Local community is ingrained in the DNA of automotive Dealers. Unlike many other...
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3rd March, 2015 · Profile Toni Hunter profile: there’s no one set of rules to achieve success
Since the first Aussie car dealership opened its doors in the early 1900s, the industry has been male dominated. Even today, there are only a handful of female Dealer Principals who run dealerships.Why is it...
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1st December, 2014 · Profile ‘I absolutely love what I do!’ What drives John Hughes to keep going at 78 years of age?
Perth’s John Hughes is one of Australia’s most successful businessmen, renowned for his hands-on management style, 12 new car franchises and his uncompromising attitude towards customer service excellence. CB: What’s different about selling cars in...
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