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26th May, 2014 · Policy Viewpoint Tough Love – 2014 Budget Divides The Nation
While reaction to the 2014 Federal budget has been varied, for auto dealers, consumer confidence will make all the difference to future trading. Unless your head has been in the sand, it’s been almost impossible...
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26th May, 2014 · Policy Viewpoint ‘Australia’s Dealers Will Not Be Stalled’
AADA Limited, the independent peak body solely representing motor dealers from all states and territories has been given no choice but to launch legal action against the Trustee of MTAA House (House) in a bid...
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1st April, 2014 · Policy Viewpoint Five Cities, One Message – AADA Town Hall Meetings A Success
It’s unanimous – Dealers across Australia have been waiting for a new AADA. As part of its plan to reinvigorate Dealer interest and share its new vision, the AADA recently toured five Australian cities with...
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13th March, 2014 · Policy Viewpoint AADA Fights to Block Used Imports
The Australian automotive industry and Australian consumers alike may soon be at risk of dealing with potentially unsafe and unchecked imported used cars on an enormous scale. Recently, the AADA attended the Productivity Commission hearing...
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13th March, 2014 · Policy Viewpoint Whose Right to Repair?
While the controversial ‘Right to Repair’ debate has gripped automotive industries on a global scale, in Australia it’s also uncovered the importance of an unbiased association for Dealers. A debate has waged between Australian automotive...
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13th March, 2014 · Policy Viewpoint Interest Rate Enquiry Could Affect Dealership Profitability
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is conducting an enquiry into how interest rates are set for consumers in Australian dealerships at point of sale. The enquiry will focus particularly on the mechanics of...
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