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31st May, 2019 · Policy Viewpoint The New Morrison Ministry
The Prime Minister has made a number of changes to the Ministry that he took to the recent election, but overall the frontbench resembles one of consistency and continuity. While the new Administrative Arrangements Order...
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31st May, 2019 · Policy Viewpoint Federal Election Policy Implications
The 2019 Federal Election has passed and in a result none of the national opinion polls predicted, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Coalition Government has won a majority victory. The result has implications for franchised new...
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31st May, 2019 · Policy Viewpoint Victoria Budget 2019-20
The Victorian Budget brought down on 26 May increases vehicle duty rates for more expensive passenger vehicles. As of 1 July 2019, motor vehicle duty for used vehicles valued above the LCT threshold will be...
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31st January, 2019 · Policy Viewpoint Automotive Industry Code – Update
The AADA’s push for an Automotive Industry Code has gathered pace as the Government used Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) to announce funding for the purpose of developing an Automotive Industry Code of Conduct. As...
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7th December, 2018 · Policy Viewpoint Road Vehicle Standards Bill passes Senate
The Senate passed the Bill on 27 Nov 2018, together with a package of supporting Bills that enable a smooth transition to the new Act, that will come into effect 12-months after Royal Assent. The...
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20th August, 2018 · Policy Viewpoint New Car LCT and Tariff Concerns
On Thursday 16 August, Senator Bernardi raised concerns in the Senate about luxury car tax imposed on new cars. AADA supports the basic points made by Senator Bernardi. Our policy stance, consistently communicated to the...
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