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29th May, 2018 · Opinion Piece AADA Launch New DealerNomics Website
Last Tuesday night the AADA held an event at Parliament House in Canberra at which we launched a new electorate mapping tool called DealerNomics which demonstrates the economic contribution of new car Dealers in Australia....
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18th April, 2018 · Opinion Piece Used Car Imports Not the Answer
Senator David Leyonhjelm recently weighed into the debate on motoring affordability on the opinion pages of the Australian Financial Review with piece titled Cars are a top tax grab for government. While Senator Leyonhjelm made...
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14th February, 2018 · Opinion Piece The Future of Car Dealerships
The automotive industry is in a state of change, which has led to speculation that the footprint of car dealerships will be dramatically reduced in coming years. KPMG’s recently released 2018 Global Automotive Executive Survey...
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