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13th March, 2014 · Fixed Operations Looking to a Framework for Service Profitability
From an earnings and returns perspective, contributions from fixed operations make the difference between an investment that makes sense and one that leaves the owners wondering why they bothered in the first place. For a...
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13th March, 2014 · Have Your Say Online Car Buying is Coming
A new CEO, a new focus, and significant commitment from some of the best people in the retail automotive industry… It’s fantastic to see positive action in the creation of a new, reinvigorated AADA. We...
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13th March, 2014 · Have Your Say The Warranty Group announces launch of Virginia Surety Company into Australian Automotive Market
As of January 1 2014, The Warranty Group’s underwriting insurance entity, Virginia Surety Company Inc., launched into the Australian automotive and financial services industry. The move signifies the group’s local aspirations of establishing a disruptive...
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