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29th November, 2017 · Motorsport The 2017 Supercar season in review people
It is unfortunate the timing deadline for this article fell just prior to the final Supercars race in Newcastle on the weekend of 25-26 November. This overview for the 2017 season is, therefore, based on...
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28th September, 2017 · Motorsport If you are into cars then the woodward dream cruise has to be on your bucket list
This article is a departure from the normal Motorsport theme, but having just returned from Detroit’s 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise, I am taking some ‘car licence’ to have a rave about this remarkable event. In...
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2nd August, 2017 · Motorsport What is the Australian GT championship?
In early February this year, Holden’s longstanding Motor Sport Chief, Simon McNamara, announced he was departing Holden after a 24-year career at the Fishermen’s Bend Head Office. Rumours had been swelling for two months prior...
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16th May, 2017 · Profile 10 questions for supercars CEO
One of our nation’s most referenced expressions is that Australians are obsessed with sport. In considering such a theory there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to Australia’s top sports. The categories...
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23rd February, 2017 · Motorsport Plenty of changes for the 2017 v8 racing season but are they what the sport needs?
The phenomenally successful Clipsal opening race event in Adelaide will kick off with lots of changes for teams and drivers, but is there enough coming from the V8 Series organisers? The 3-5 March Adelaide excitement...
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23rd December, 2016 · Motorsport 2016 Championship result in v8 Supercars
The 2017 V8 Supercar season is done and dusted for another year; however it certainly didn’t finish on the high of some other sports, where massively surprising results in 2016 took the brands of those...
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