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22nd December, 2015 · Sales The number 1 advertising & marketing campaign in 2015
I was in a training workshop recently when I was asked by a Dealer Principal, “What advertising and marketing ideas do you see as the fastest and most economical way to increase enquiry?” While there...
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22nd September, 2015 · Sales SUV Sales Continue to Soar
Australians are still very much in love with the SUV, with an extra 13.4% new vehicles driving out of dealerships in August. As Australia’s consumer preference grows for versatile vehicles that are suitable for work,...
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22nd September, 2015 · Sales Why Aftersales is no longer the ‘Ugly Duckling’
It’s no secret that aftersales, specifically parts sales, is often labelled as the ‘ugly duckling’ of the automotive world. I’ve personally heard many a marketing person in the automotive game liken the business of selling...
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22nd September, 2015 · Sales A Picture is Worth 1000 Words
3 tips to show off your dealership At Dealer Solutions, we’ve spoken before about the importance of a great looking website, with technical substance that drives customers directly to your dealership and inventory. Well, it...
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22nd September, 2015 · Sales Your CRM May Be a Bad Fit with Your Dealership Business Model
Be alert for these warning signs that you should look for a different kind of CRM Today’s car buying marketplace demands nothing less than a connected, personalised customer experience.  Consumers want dealerships to know who...
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27th July, 2015 · Marketing 7 Tips For Dynamite Digital Advertising
It’s almost impossible to imagine any business without some kind of digital advertising aspect integrated into their marketing strategy. In our technology and convenience-driven world, even the most traditional types of businesses and services are...
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