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28th September, 2017 · Marketing Massive rise in automotive advertising
Automotive advertising in Australia rose by almost $47 million in the 2017 financial year as part of a record total ad market spend of $7.1 billion. Figures released by Standard Media Index (SMI) reveals that...
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23rd December, 2016 · Sales Is the job of a salesperson going to be redundant soon?
It seems like times are changing quickly in the automotive sales area. Recent announcements include: Amazon has announced you can now, completely online, purchase a Fiat in Italy and the car will be be delivered...
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19th October, 2016 · Sales Record sales year in sight
The retail automotive industry is on track to break last year’s record number of new car sales, after the second-best July result in history and a strong business performance in August and September. Australians bought...
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19th October, 2016 · Sales Are you winning the battle of customer experience?
Faced with empowered customers, the need for convenience and an array of sales and marketing channels, today’s dealerships must look to win the battle of customer experience if they want to win customers. Today’s customers...
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2nd June, 2016 · Marketing The most powerful tool you’ve ever neglected
Think back 10 years ago. Odds are you hadn’t even heard of Facebook. You almost certainly didn’t have a profile, and even if you did, never in a million years would you have thought it...
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22nd December, 2015 · Sales Cheaper Euro imports on the way
The European Commission’s new trade and investment strategy announced in October will result in cheaper European cars for Australian motorists. The EC is seeking authorisation from the European Union to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement...
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