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1st December, 2014 · Training Join The Digital Dealer Conference & Expo!
Tickets for the 18th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition are going fast – and it’s little wonder why. Hosted in Tampa, Florida, the Expo brings together the industry’s largest collection of thought leaders, including dealership...
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9th September, 2014 · International Lack Of Action On ‘Unfair Practices’ Prompts Legislation Warning From EU
There’s been plenty of activity from our European colleagues, as the EU gives vehicle manufacturers new motivation to agree on a fair code of conduct. The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), along with most of...
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9th September, 2014 · International Informal Discussions Between International Dealer Associations a Positive Move Forward
The AADA has been a key force in bringing together Dealer Associations from the USA, Brazil, China, India and Canada to form valuable cooperative arrangements. A landmark decision was reached at last month’s Fenabrave Conference...
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9th September, 2014 · International Signed and Sealed
NADA University is well on its way to Australia after a ceremonial signing at the Convention in July. Stakeholders from the National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA), the MTA Institute of Technology (MIT) and the AADA...
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9th September, 2014 · International Hanging Out in San Francisco’
Here’s what one reviewer wrote on Yelp after visiting the original Eddie Rickenbacker’s bar and grill in San Francisco: ‘Any place that has: • Smoking after 9pm INSIDE (Great for your lungs) • Old motorcycles...
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30th June, 2014 · International Karl comes out every day in ‘Frisco’
Deloittes/AADA Joint NADA Convention & Expo 2015 Study Tour a First for Aussie Dealers. Iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge, the “famous” San Francisco fog inevitably rolls in around three o’clock everyday and blankets the...
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