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22nd December, 2015 · Feature How to avoid a post-Christmas tax hangover
With Christmas approaching, most companies will be planning to reward their staff with a celebration and perhaps a gift to mark the end of the year. When planning such events it’s wise to consider the...
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22nd December, 2015 · Feature Safest used cars revealed
The NRMA has released its ratings of the safest used cars on the market, along with findings that choosing a safer car could reduce young driver fatalities by 60 per cent. Research conducted by the...
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22nd December, 2015 · Feature Dealer profitability figures rebound
Australian Dealers under pressure after a drop in profitability in August would be relieved to see those figures rebound in September. A drop to 1.6% in net profit as a percentage of sales (NP%S) in...
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22nd December, 2015 · Technology Earn five times as many reviews with snap21
Dealers will understand how valuable it is to their business to receive positive reviews from their customers. An opportunity to increase the number of reviews you receive by 500 per cent should be too good...
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25th May, 2015 · Feature Bob Graziano Retires
An illustrious career comes to a close for Ford Motor Company Australia’s former President and CEO. In today’s workplace, people stay in their jobs for an average of just over four years – so the...
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13th March, 2014 · Feature Rolling with the Punches
The past ten years have been pretty turbulent for new car dealers and while current industry figures look promising, only forward planning can help ensure a profitable future Not many industries can claim to be...
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