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29th November, 2017 · Feature The future of mobility
Recently NRMA stated Australia’s relationship with the car will change dramatically within the decade. The 86-page report identified various levels of government as the instigators of change implementation, rather than the automotive industry. Grant Cameron,...
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29th November, 2017 · Feature In the age of disruption
Dealers need to reconsider their concept of what makes a showroom, or be overtaken by disruptors, according to Google Strategy Manager Automotive, David Tully. With so much of the traditional retail world being overtaken by...
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29th November, 2017 · Feature The demise of local manufacturing
The agonising demise of our local manufacturing and assembly industry is complete. The industry’s arc of establishment, growth, containment and decline is book-ended by the counterpoint images of Ben Chifley launching the FX Holden at...
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29th November, 2017 · Training Why you need to train your sales staff – and keep training them
Most dealerships are losing money because they fail to invest in training their sales staff, according to world-leading automotive sales and dealership management consultant, Tom Stuker. “Starting with the management – because nine out of...
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29th November, 2017 · International Much to learn on 2018 China study tour
The 2018 AADA Auto China Study Tour to the historical City of Beijing will be a highlight of the Australian automotive calendar. The Chinese auto industry is the fastest growing vehicle market in the world,...
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28th September, 2017 · Feature $15.9m add-on insurance refund
More than 35,000 add-on insurance customers will receive up to $15.9 million in refunds for insurance bought through car dealerships. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) found that QBE Insurance (Australia) Guaranteed Asset Protection...
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