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23rd February, 2017 · Feature US to sell 17 million in ’17
The US retail automotive industry will reach 17 million in sales in 2017, hitting the mark for the third consecutive year. So says the chief economist of the National Automobile Dealers Association, Steven Szakaly, who...
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23rd February, 2017 · Feature US dealership staff well-paid: workforce study
NADA’s annual Dealership Workforce Study (DWS) reveals that US car dealership employees earn almost 25 per cent more than the average American. The 2016 DWS showed that employee compensation and productivity at new car dealerships...
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23rd February, 2017 · Feature What does a Trump presidency mean for Aussie dealers?
New US President Donald Trump’s protectionist trade policy could set off a global trade war that would weaken the US dollar, according to financial experts. In January the Australian dollar topped US76 cents for the...
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23rd February, 2017 · Feature Cox automotive merger
The finalisation of the Cox Automotive Australia merger will see the entity work with the majority of new and used car Dealers in Australia. CarsGuide, Dealer Solutions and Manheim have come together to form the...
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23rd February, 2017 · Feature October: the end of Australian auto manufacturing
October marks the end-date of automotive manufacturing in Australia, with Toyota’s announcement in late January that it would close its Altona plant on 3 October, finishing Australian production of its vehicles, and Holden to end...
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23rd February, 2017 · Feature Emissions cuts could hit motorists
A new study revealing Australian cars are not as fuel-efficient as previously thought could have costly ramifications for motorists, as the Federal Government proposes changes to emissions standards. The research, commissioned by the Australian Automobile...
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