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27th July, 2015 · Marketing Improving Aftersales Revenue
The changing face of cars and the retail automotive industry is making it more important than ever to rethink your after-sales strategy Dealers are experiencing something approaching the ‘perfect storm’ when it comes to making...
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27th July, 2015 · Dealership Operations The Impact of Balance on Bottom-line Performance
As the automotive retail business model continues to evolve, the notion of ‘balance’ continues to be raised as a key consideration. Dealers are constantly reminded that they have to run a ‘balanced business’ and management...
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27th July, 2015 · Dealership Operations Clean Up Your Customer Satisfaction and Retention with Car Washing
Auto dealers can build valuable long-term relationships by installing modern automatic car wash technology Frustratingly for many auto dealers, great products do not always translate into long-term customer relationships – the disconnect between ‘happy customer’...
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25th May, 2015 · Dealership Operations New Franchising Code of Conduct applies to Conduct on or after 1 January 2015
January 1, 2015 marked the commencement of the new Franchising Code of Conduct (the Code), introducing important conduct provisions that vehicle dealers must be aware of. In the new Code, there appears to be some...
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25th May, 2015 · Dealership Operations Automotive tax planning 2015
BDO’s Automotive team encourages you to review the following tax planning opportunities which are worth considering before 30 June – now is the time for tax planning! This article has been prepared prior to the...
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25th May, 2015 · Dealership Operations ProfitFocus reporting and published dealership data
Recently AADA has been working with Deloitte to understand the system processes and support structures that are in place within eprofitfocus to ensure the monthly data submissions made by Dealers accurately reflect the performance of...
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