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22nd September, 2015 · Dealership Operations Pentana Solutions Petitioning for Significant Industry Change
Over 41 years of operation Pentana Solutions has experienced the automotive industry transform many times, sometimes as an onlooker, other times as a supporter, this time as a driver. This year Pentana Solutions, a leading...
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22nd September, 2015 · Dealership Operations Service Loan Cars Not Exempt From Stamp Duty
VCAT Decision Could Have National Implications In the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) on 17 August 2015, the Victorian Commissioner of State Revenue argued successfully that complimentary loan vehicles provided by dealerships to their...
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22nd September, 2015 · Technology How Solar Is Powering Dealers To Better Profits
Installing solar panels is proving a smart business decision for a growing number of Dealers seeking to cut their running costs There are few countries as well suited to solar power as Australia. Indeed, our...
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27th July, 2015 · Dealership Operations Consumer Guarantees vs Manufacturer Warranties
There has been long standing confusion and debate regarding how ‘traditional’ manufacturer warranties coexist with consumer guarantees (or ‘statutory warranties’) granted under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and previously under the Trade Practices Act. The...
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27th July, 2015 · Dealership Operations Who Owns The Goodwill in my Dealership – Dealer or Manufacturer?
In franchise relationships, concern often arises about who owns the goodwill of a franchised business. On the one hand, you have a Dealer who has put many years (or even decades) of blood, sweat and...
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27th July, 2015 · Dealership Operations Goodwill – what is it, who “owns” it and how is it valued?
The questions seem straightforward, but when the rubber hits the road the answers are quite complex and potentially contentious. Let’s leave the question of how goodwill is valued for deliberation in future publications. In this...
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