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7th March, 2016 · Feature ATO to broaden tax transparency
AADA urges all Dealers to ensure their affairs are in order after the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) recently published the tax details of about 1,500 large corporate taxpayers, with plans to also report tax details...
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7th March, 2016 · Feature ATO to focus on large business
The Australian Taxation Office has put large businesses on notice that it is focusing on them this financial year to ensure they pay their fair share of tax. The ATO released a statement in December...
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7th March, 2016 · Feature Capital gains tax changes to help growth – Minister
Dealers wanting to change their legal structure can now do so without attracting a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liability. In early February the Federal Government introduced a Bill to Parliament as the final plank in...
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7th March, 2016 · Workplace Relations Federal government push to end superannuation rate rises
The Federal Government is preparing to dump a planned rise in compulsory superannuation that would add $20 billion a year to employers’ wage bills. Under the previous Labor Government, the super guarantee levy was scheduled...
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22nd December, 2015 · Feature How to avoid a post-Christmas tax hangover
With Christmas approaching, most companies will be planning to reward their staff with a celebration and perhaps a gift to mark the end of the year. When planning such events it’s wise to consider the...
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22nd December, 2015 · Dealership Operations ATO: get onto superstream
The ATO is reminding automotive and repair business owners who employ 19 or fewer employees (small businesses) that they need to pay their superannuation obligations via SuperStream. SuperStream is the new standard for all businesses...
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