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31st August, 2018 · Dealership Operations BDO Analysis Shows When Driverless Cars Will Arrive
Car companies, ride-hailing services and car industry technology suppliers each have their own prediction for when driverless cars will be ready to take to highways and city streets. BDO carried out an analysis of the...
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3rd July, 2018 · Dealership Operations 2018 BDO Automotive Non-Luxury Dealership Benchmark & Relevant Tax Facts
Benchmarks are an important tool to monitor, compare and identify opportunities to improve dealership profitability and setting future goals. While important, it is equally as important to understand the factors that influence the dealerships performance...
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19th October, 2016 · Workplace Relations The hardest call any leader must make
The hardest call to be made in leadership is to hire, promote and attract people who have the right character but don’t yet have the necessary skills. My philosophy in this area is simple: If...
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2nd June, 2016 · Feature Should you sell your dealership?
Previously we have questioned the future of the retail automotive store, noting the increasing move to online showrooms and a growing willingness of customers to shop for vehicles in cyberspace. With significant changes coming in...
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2nd June, 2016 · Dealership Operations FCAI
After some to-ing and fro-ing, WorkSafe Victoria now accepts operator protection devices (OPDs, also known as Crush Protection Devices or CPDs) fitted to a quad bike as part of the solution to controlling the risk...
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2nd June, 2016 · Dealership Operations Three ways to win more trades and overcome your customer’ price objections
As I visit dealerships across the country every month and ask the question, “what’s your biggest frustration,” nine times out of 10 it’s about “how do I win more trades and get customers to be...
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