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7th March, 2016 · Regulation Call for new laws as petrol prices finally fall
Two Australian senators have called for new laws to protect drivers from being ripped off at the bowser as crude oil prices fell to their lowest level in 13 years. Senator Ricky Muir of the...
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22nd December, 2015 · Technology Cyber security – how secure?
Readers might be aware that many major car companies are being sued in California over deaths allegedly caused by the lack of adequate safeguards for keyless ignition systems. The suit alleges that 10 of the...
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22nd December, 2015 · Feature FCAI welcomes new helmet laws
The Queensland Government has introduced a new law requiring riders of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to wear helmets on public roads. Farmers use ATVs such as quad bikes in their work and sometimes need to cross...
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22nd September, 2015 · Fixed Operations Toyota takes on independents for selling fake parts
Sources say imitations of other brands’ parts also possible Counterfeit parts are shaping as the next big issue to confront the car industry. Customs officers say the counterfeiters are becoming so sophisticated that even car...
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22nd September, 2015 · Technology Power Trips
Australia’s First ‘Electric Highway’ now open The days of electric vehicle owners in Perth suffering ‘range anxiety’ are over as seven councils in the state’s South West have finished building Australia’s first ever ‘electric highway’...
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22nd September, 2015 · Technology Driverless Cars to Be Street Legal By 2025
“Automated vehicles are far from science fiction, but rather a short-term reality that Australia needs to be prepared for.” – Gerald Waldron, ARRB Group MD According to the RACV, in the next 24 hours almost...
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