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2nd June, 2016 · Technology Honda to release clarity later this year
For years we have heard that hydrogen fuel cells were the clean energy engines of the future, converting hydrogen gas into electricity, with heat and water the only by-products. That future comes a step closer...
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2nd June, 2016 · Regulation Australian consumer law review – a dealer’s perspective
The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) commenced on 1 January 2011. It is a single generic consumer protection law that applies across Australia and is to be reviewed this year. An Issues Paper published in March...
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2nd June, 2016 · Consumer News Transition plan to ease automotive pains
With Australian automotive manufacturing to cease by next year, companies and workers need to find new things to do. That’s why the Victorian Government’s $46.5 million Automotive Transition plan is so welcome. The plan will...
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7th March, 2016 · Feature Another massive air bag recall
Hot on the heels of the Takata air bags recall comes another one, this time involving Continental Automotive Systems (CAS) and affecting up to five million vehicles worldwide. CAS has filed documents with the US...
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7th March, 2016 · Feature Insurers warned over automatic renewals
The Australian Securities and Investment Commission has ordered six car insurers to inform customers about automatic policy renewals after receiving complaints from consumers. An ASIC review found that insurers didn’t always clearly inform new customers...
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7th March, 2016 · Feature ANCAP works with automotive industry to improve road safety
There was a concerning 4.9 percent increase in the number of people killed on Australian roads in 2015. There are many reasons why those 1,209 people died, but it is clear that safer cars are...
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