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4th October, 2018 · AADA National Economic Impact of franchised new car Dealers
3,500 rooftops, 69,173 employees and a total impact on the Australian economy of nearly $15 billion per year. That’s only some of the information DealerNomics gives you about the contribution franchised new car Dealers make...
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3rd October, 2018 · AADA AADA Quarterly Activity Report – July to September 2018
Between July and September 2018, AADA have carried out an increased number of communication and advocacy activities compared to the previous quarter. The total number of meetings and the number of social media posts have increased...
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17th September, 2018 · AADA Convention Politicians and Regulators use Convention as a Platform
In addition to the address by the Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Dr Andrew Leigh, Convention attendees were treated to some high-value presentations from senior government figures. This included a keynote address by the Deputy Prime Minister...
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31st August, 2018 · AADA A New Prime Minister and Ministry
It’s been a turbulent month in Federal Politics which has seen Malcolm Turnbull dumped as Australia’s Prime Minister and replaced by Scott Morrison. The new Prime Minister has announced his ministerial team and there has...
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31st July, 2018 · AADA Cathy Freeman Foundation
Did you know that Indigenous children are twice as likely to be developmentally vulnerable as non-Indigenous children? Latest data shows the overall attendance rate for Indigenous students nationally in 2017 was 83.2%, compared with 93%...
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2nd May, 2018 · AADA AADA Quarterly Activity Report – January to March
The AADA have been working hard in the communication and stakeholder engagement areas of the organisation in the last 3 months. A quarterly report has been created to demonstrate all the work that has taken...
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