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1st August, 2019 · AADA Convention AADA 2019 Convention Team Events Program Expanded
The Team Events program has now been expanded to include a Marketing Event ‘Content Sells Cars’ presented by Andrew Dalton, Director of Acquisition & Attribution at CarAdvice. He will share the results of a study...
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2nd July, 2019 · AADA Convention AADA Convention – Lunch with a legend
In 2019, AADA welcomes the most senior Australian official to ever attend an AADA National Dealer Convention. Recently-retired Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove, AK, MC, will be our guest speaker at the Carsales Luncheon. In a...
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30th April, 2019 · AADA Convention AADA Launches 2019 National Dealer Convention & Expo
Registrations are now open for the AADA 2019 National Dealer Convention & Expo. Our business model is under significant pressure, mainly due to the ever-changing landscape of regulatory oversight, advancing technology, and the demands of...
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17th September, 2018 · AADA Convention ALP Supports Automotive Industry Code
The Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Dr Andrew Leigh, provided the keynote address on the first morning of the Convention. In his address, Dr Leigh spoke eloquently of the power imbalances underlying the relationship between OEMs and...
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17th September, 2018 · AADA Convention Politicians and Regulators use Convention as a Platform
In addition to the address by the Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Dr Andrew Leigh, Convention attendees were treated to some high-value presentations from senior government figures. This included a keynote address by the Deputy Prime Minister...
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17th September, 2018 · AADA Convention Disruption is coming, but how soon?
Disruption was the key theme of the Convention, and it was addressed in spectacular fashion by a trio of high-calibre speakers with deep experience in both the global and US markets. Wes Lutz – Chairman...
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