31st August, 2018 · Dealership Operations

BDO Analysis Shows When Driverless Cars
Will Arrive

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Car companies, ride-hailing services and car industry technology suppliers each have their own prediction for when driverless cars will be ready to take to highways and city streets. BDO carried out an analysis of the predictions and found that driverless cars will arrive (drumroll, please): in early 2021.

“The article by our colleagues at BDO Denmark goes a long way to supporting BDO’s local view that there is an element of hysteria being driven by so called “experts” which suggests that motor dealerships will cease to exist in a very short time from now as a result of the automotive disruption trends,” said BDO national automotive partner, Mark Ward.

“Of course the motor industry will change and that will have a flow on effect, but it will be evolution not revolution. We are confident that motor Dealers will adapt albeit that there will likely be fewer of them. As the article outlines, while the disruptive trends appear to be very fast paced, the legislative framework will move much slower,” he said.

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