4th September, 2020 · Training

ADA Australia mental health awareness

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown response has presented overwhelming challenges to the Australian economy, to people in business and to ordinary working Australians and their families, including mental health challenges.

ADA Australia (Alcohol and Drug Awareness Australia) is a provider of workplace mental health awareness training to assist people through these months, to help them protect their mental health and wellbeing, and for strategies to assist and to look out for others who may be struggling.

The can be complemented with ‘THE LITTLE BLUE BOOK OF MENTAL HEALTH COVID-19 EDITION’ which provides strategies for resilience, coping with isolation and working remotely, recognising symptoms of mood disorders like depression or anxiety or assisting those who may have these feelings and more.

It is ADA’s view that with the right help, advice and encouragement, the challenges of the pandemic can be turned into an opportunity to grow stronger and emerge the better for it.

For more information or to discuss how ADA can support you and your people, please connect directly with ADA Australia on 1300 378 429 or email enquiry@adaaus.au.