10th December, 2021 · News

ACCC Decision Does Not Vindicate
General Motors

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced that it was concluding its investigation into General Motors conduct towards Dealers when withdrawing the Holden brand from Australia. The ACCC made it very clear that it was not investigating further because it did not want to prejudice the action other Holden Dealers were taking against GM. It also criticised GM for its treatment of its franchisors and for the damage it did to the Holden brand. The AADA released a statement saying that the ACCC’s decision does not vindicate GM.

Senator Deborah O’Neill, who chaired the inquiry into the treatment of Holden Dealers and brought changes into place, said in the Senate this week “This finding from the ACCC is in line with the findings of a bipartisan Senate report. The Senate carefully inquired and then castigated General Motors for their appalling treatment of the Holden Dealer network.”