8th June, 2021 · News

AADA Skills Shortage Survey

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The AADA recently conducted a member survey which revealed, that almost every new car Dealer is suffering from a shortage of skilled technicians in their workshops. The survey, which received 97 responses from members representing hundreds of dealerships, shows that Dealers are having serious difficulties finding suitably skilled or qualified technicians to fill vacant positions. For many Dealers the hiring process takes months, while some are unable to fill vacant positions at all.

Almost every Dealer surveyed (97%) is suffering from a shortage of technicians with the majority of respondents having a deficit of 5% to 20%.

The survey results also highlight a significant challenge for businesses to recruit qualified workers in the current market.

For a quarter of the Dealers it usually takes more than half a year to fill a vacant position, with another quarter stating that on average positions are filled within 3 to 6 months. Alarmingly, more than 12% are unable to fill vacant positions at all.

Most Dealers currently employ technicians from overseas and rely on skilled migrants being able to enter the country.

Dealers are generally open to recruiting skilled technicians from overseas but excessive costs, administrative burdens and international border closures restrict access to the international talent pool.

More info and all findings of the survey can be downloaded below.