8th November, 2019 · News

AADA CEO attends crash test

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In September AADA CEO James Voortman attended an audit crash test of the Hyundai Kona Electric by the independent vehicle safety authority, ANCAP.

The electric version of the Hyundai Kona was able to maintain a 5-star rating which was carried over from its petrol-powered equivalent which was originally tested back in 2017, based on technical data supplied to ANCAP which demonstrated that the EV variant could be expected to achieve similar safety performance to the tested petrol vehicle.

Given the increasing focus on electric and alternative powered vehicles, and to verify the validity of manufacturer-supplied data for electric vehicle variants, ANCAP now selected the Kona Electric for this audit test.

The AADA is pleased to see, that the results of the test found that the behaviour of the petrol and electric versions of the Kona was consistent, though the Kona Electric actually performed slightly better in a couple of areas.

More information on safety rankings of tested vehicles can be found on ANCAP’s website.