9th November, 2021 ยท Media Release

Car Dealers Welcome Future Fuels and
Vehicle Strategy

The AADA welcomes the Morrison Government’s future fuels and vehicle strategy. The strategy announced today by the Prime Minister encourages consumer choice and will expand Australia’s EV charging infrastructure.

“Consumers are buying hybrids, EVs and PHEVs from their Dealers in record numbers and it is good to see a strategy which responds to this phenomenon by increasing the charging network and considering implications for the electricity grid,” said AADA CEO James Voortman.

“Australia is a huge continent and range anxiety is still a big issue for people considering the purchase of an EV. Bolstering the charging network will give consumers more confidence that an EV can satisfy their needs and will supercharge EV sales,” said Mr Voortman.

The Government will provide $250 million in funding which is expected to grow to more than $500 million when combined with additional contributions from the private and public sectors. The Government expects that by 2030 sales of EV and PHEV vehicles will be 30% of the passenger and light commercial market.

The strategy also outlines the need for collaboration between The Federal and state governments.

“It is vital that the Federal Government takes a leadership role on EVs. Currently, we have state and territory governments across the country developing their own unique EV policies. It is in the interest of motorists, the industry and the country for us to have a consistent approach,” he said.

While the Government ruled out subsidies, the AADA has urged the Government to look at existing taxes which apply to fuel efficient cars. “Taxes such as the Luxury Car Tax and the Passenger Vehicle Tariff continue to drive up the cost of many EVs in the Australian Market”.

Mr Voortman continued, “It’s time we reviewed and modernised the tax and duties that apply to all vehicles so that in future we have strategies that work together, are less complex and will deliver the consumer and environmental benefits that we all know lie ahead.”

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