24th June, 2020 ยท Media Release

General Motors Holden has a Debt to Pay
to Australian Dealers

The AADA commends Minister Cash, Minister Andrews and Senator McGrath on their call for General Motors (GM) Holden to act in good faith in its treatment of Holden Dealers.

The Morrison Government has rightly taken a keen interest in what so far, has been appalling behaviour by GM and the management team it has put in place to handle the closure of Holden in Australia.

“We are pleased the Government has maintained an active interest in this case since the shock announcement by GM in February that it was closing the brand and breaching its Dealer Agreements by terminating them early,” AADA CEO James Voortman said.

“It is evident that the Government is concerned by the fact that despite years of Government support for Holden and financial assistance of over $2 billion by Australian taxpayers, GM has elected to dump and run, abandoning 185 Holden Dealers and thousands of their staff,” Mr Voortman said.

“Holden Dealers have invested a lot of money and employed tens of thousands of Australians over decades, just to be part of the Holden network,” he said.

“GM Holden has a debt to pay to these businesses and the Government recognise and understand this. The ball is in their court, it’s time for GM to take action, do the right thing and compensate Dealers fairly,” Mr Voortman said.

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