19th June, 2020 ยท Media Release

Dealers Welcome Government’s Call
for GM to Act in Good Faith

The AADA welcomes the Australian Government’s call for General Motors Holden to act in good faith towards their Australian Dealers.

“Minister Andrews and Minister Cash have made it crystal clear that they expect GM Holden to negotiate in good faith with their Dealers,” said AADA CEO James Voortman.

“We urge GM to conduct their withdrawal from Australia in a way that fairly compensates the Dealers who built up the brand over decades,” he said.

“You have to say enough is enough. GM Holden’s treatment of its Dealer network since its announced withdrawal has drawn criticism from both sites of Australian politics, resulted in the establishment of a Senate inquiry and led to an intervention from the ACCC,” Mr Voortman said.

“Time is running out for these Holden Dealers and I would urge GM to take seriously this statement from our Government,” he said.

“The way in which GM is allowed to depart Australia will set the benchmark for other multinational car manufacturers and strong regulations should be adopted to stop these companies from treating Australian businesses poorly,” he said.

The AADA has been campaigning hard for a minimum set of protections for new car Dealers. A strong set of Dealer specific regulations would stop companies like GM from being able to dump and run, leaving hundreds of Australian Dealers, with billions invested in the brand, to fend for themselves.

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