15th May, 2019 ยท Media Release

Election Scorecard – AADA
Welcomes Bipartisan Commitment to the
Automotive Code of Conduct

The Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA), has received policy plans from both major parties in response to the Driving Our Future Election Campaign.

“The AADA asked both parties to address the four policy priorities including a fairer automotive industry; affordable new vehicles; ruling out used car imports; and a consumer focussed emissions policy,” AADA CEO David Blackhall said.

Each response has been ranked on a scorecard (see below) to illustrate each party’s commitment and on this occasion the two parties could not be separated.

“We are delighted that both sides of politics have provided an election commitment to introducing a code of conduct for the retail automotive industry. This is the number one priority for new car Dealers and we look forward to working with the future Government and Opposition to make this commitment a reality,” he said.

“Unfortunately, there are no specific policies to remove legacy taxes on new cars, which disadvantages consumers, but we note that Labor’s Australian Investment Guarantee has the potential to make certain vehicles more affordable for businesses,” he said.

“Both parties have ruled out expanding the regime for used car imports. However, we remain concerned that there may be unintended consequences arising from regulations currently before the parliament. We will work with whoever forms government to address these concerns,” said Mr Blackhall.

“On the question of vehicle emissions, there is a distinct lack of detail from both sides, but we are pleased that each party has clearly stated they will work with industry in formulating vehicle emissions policies,” he said.

After the Election, the AADA will work closely with whoever wins government to advance the interests of the Automotive Industry.

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