31st January, 2019 · Media Release

Claims that new car Dealers not
promoting EVs – False

The AADA supports the release of the Senate Committee’s report on electric vehicles but is disappointed in evidence suggesting Dealers are not promoting the sale of EVs.

“There are some important recommendations in this report and new car Dealers are looking forward to playing our part in supplying EVs to the Australian market,” said AADA CEO David Blackhall.

“We are supportive of a public education campaign and a coordinated approach to skills and training. We are also supportive of a CO2 standard, and Australia should work towards an achievable standard that does not punish local consumers and businesses,” he said.

“It is also encouraging that the Committee has not recommended a relaxation of used car imports as was suggested by certain groups,” he said.

“However, it is very disappointing that this report has mentioned evidence claiming that car Dealers are not interested in promoting and selling electric vehicles. This assertion, which was repeated by certain groups throughout the inquiry, is completely false,” said AADA CEO David Blackhall.

“To resist selling EVs would reduce profits and put Dealers in breach of their franchising agreements with vehicle manufacturers, potentially risking their businesses,” said David Blackhall.

“In our numerous representations to this committee, we consistently made the point that new car Dealers are technology agnostic and will sell whatever vehicles our customers want,” said David Blackhall.

“Unfortunately, the authors of this report have quoted the Tesla Owners Club and ignored the evidence of Australia’s 1,500 franchised new car Dealers and the 70,000 people they employ,” he said.

“Electric vehicles are part of the future and Dealers are determined to be part of a thriving industry which supplies them to the market – the primary reason that they are not yet selling well is related to supply, cost and range.”

Talking down the efforts of the tens of thousands of dealership employees across Australia will do nothing to accelerate the uptake of EVs.

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