25th September, 2017 · Media Release

AADA voices opposition to service and
repair regulation

The Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) today voiced its opposition to  regulatory intervention in the provision of service and repair information at the ACCC New Car Retailing Market Study roundtable.

AADA CEO David Blackhall said there is no need for a mandatory solution, with little evidence to suggest the current Agreement on Access to Service and Repair Information is not working.

“The case for Government intervention is weak as independent repairers currently source repair and service information from a variety of sources,” Mr. Blackhall said.

“Car dealers are required to make significant investments in training and tooling. Any attempt to regulate should be framed in the context of creating a level playing field between franchised dealers and independent repairers, ” he said.

The AADA offered to work with the ACCC in clarifying the interaction between Australian Consumer Law, manufacturers’ warranties and dealers’ responsibilities.

“We look forward to working with the ACCC on issues around consumer guarantees and warranties, including improved guidance for consumers on the ACL and clear definitions around proposed concepts such as “short period of time” and “major and minor failures,” Mr. Blackhall said.

The AADA congratulates the ACCC for the ongoing consultation opportunities and looks forward to further engagement as the Commission prepared to finalise its report.